Framework 16 won’t turn on at all- no lights or anything

Earlier today I was using my laptop completely normally when it died from running out of power. I pulled out my charger to plug it in, but I got no orange light by the usb c port and no light on the power button. I’ve left it plugged in for almost 40 minutes at a time now and I’m still not getting anything. I’ve been using this laptop daily since January and have had no issues so far. I’m wondering what my next steps should be and how to approach fixing this. This was a diy kit and I’m also completely comfortable taking it apart to fix it. I’m unable to currently take it apart right now, but once I have a chance to, I’ll add anything to this post that I find.

Thanks so much for any advice or help!

If it was a bad battery, having it connected may be preventing the system from working even when plugged in to the charger. Maybe try disconnecting the battery and seeing if it will power on? If so, I think that tells you the battery failed.

Yep, that seemed to be the case. Taking the battery out allowed it to boot no problem. I’ve sent suppport an email about it, so hopefully I can get a new battery from them. Thanks for your help!

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Nice! Happy I could help. A bummer that you got a bad battery in an expensive new product, but at least it’s easily replaced!