Reorganizing the (unofficial) Framework Awesome List

Hey, everyone!

In addition to my moderation duties here in the Framework community, I am also the maintainer of the Framework Awesome List, an unofficial, community-run, curated list of projects, tools, documentation and resources related to the Framework Laptop.

In light of Framework’s recent announcement of 13th Gen Intel Core, AMD 7040 series, and Framework Laptop 16, I’ve been considering how to organize the list to better provide more specific information about each model, since information about one model may not apply to another (e.g. the list of RAM that works on 12th Gen Intel Core will not work on AMD 7040).

My current thoughts are to break out the list into a separate list for each model, with the main README acting primarily as an index. My concern with this is that there will be duplicate information that will apply to multiple models, such as chargers or cases that would apply to all Framework Laptop 13 models, that could be annoying to update in multiple places.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, or any other suggestions for reorganizing it, please feel free to share them here! Thanks, All!


It might be better to leave everything in one place as it is right now and only break out projects that are exclusive to one model or another. Since as you said, chargers, RAM and SSD will be broadly compatible across models (excluding DDR5 stuff for now).