Framework Expedited Services?

Just out of curiosity, does Framework offer expedited order processing? I think I read that they do offer expedited shipping but wasn’t sure about order processing.

I was waiting until the last minute to replace my aging laptop and, unfortunately, that last minute has arrived at the most inconvenient time.

EDIT: Not sure if it makes any difference, but this would be for a DIY 13" AMD 7640U and I would be bringing my own RAM and SSD.

Haven’t heard of them doing it. But I guess it’s worth a shot asking them.

Thanks, just shot them an e-mail. Lesson learned: if your laptop seems like it’s dying, don’t wait until it actually dies before doing something. :slight_smile:


How fast were you hoping to get a Framework?
It does normally take 24 hours for a reply from customer service. More if they are dealing with high load.

I was hoping by next Tuesday. But, thats only 4 business days to make it across country so may not be realistic.

I do have an old laptop I can use. So, its not a make it or break it situation.

According to the FW web site, they ship FW13 within 5 business days. Isn’t that fast enough if you have an old laptop?

They’re normally pretty fast. My Framework laptop was shipped on a Thursday afternoon from Taiwan and delivered to my home (in Texas) Monday morning.

If they ship it tomorrow then it might arrive on time. But I suggest ordering immediately to maximize the chance of that happening.

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