[RESPONDED] Removing several "different" framework screens while booting

I am completly in love with my brand new framework pc, and really happy about it. there is only one neat pick i would like to change (but not sure how “simple” this would be). since I installed linux, now I have 3 different “framework” screens that are shown, first one that looks correctly a second one with an elongated logo and a third with framework and the logo of my distro under it. is it possible to reduce it to simply one? or at least that they look the same?
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Which distro?
What screens did you see before?

Someone recently posted about changing one of the boot logos here

I think you’re talking about seamless boot, so the screen doesn’t turn off or flicker or resize during boot. Unfortunately, this is currently only supported on Intel devices by Linux. But it looks like AMD will soon get support, too: AMD To Enable Seamless Boot Across Modern Radeon Graphics Hardware - Phoronix

I missed one, I have four different screens at boot lol :rofl:

and 2 different when turning off (one similar as the one on the boot)

They represent different stages of the bootstrap process to get the computer fully awake.

Black screen, at first boot
Then a Framework screen for the BIOS and self test,
Then a screen showing which OS will boot,
Then your OS screen.

Not sure what the large font Framework screen is for, as mine does not show it.

For me, it would give indications of progress through startup.

I also have a ten second BIOS screen delay, so I can choose which OS to boot, Windows or Ubuntu, or perhaps Fedora.

Seamless boot should fix most of that.

dear @Edward_Gray , yeah I understand that it is something like a “progress bar”. but nevertheless at least having something homogeneous would be great.
@Jonathan_Haas thanks for the info! from my knowledge we are not even in 6.6 and it says that it might be added in 6.7 so a little bit of wait… :confused: thanks for the info in any case!

Yep, kernel 6.7 is expected to be released around January 2024 :slight_smile: