Framework Grand Theft Auto V Settings?

I think this could make a cool post - does anyone else here play Grand Theft Auto V?

I’m using Windows 11, and have tried both the Rockstar Games Loader and Steam - I prefer Steam, but mostly because I use a Nintendo Switch Pro controller and Steam offers the best Direct to X controller options - making a Switch Pro controller ‘just work’…

With Switch, I’m currently on the suggested settings, but I wonder if other Framework users have dialed it in better???

I couldn’t even believe that the Frame (11th gen 1165) plays the game so well… I’m going to try to use the HDMI userport, but haven’t yet - wonder if I can get similar results on my 4K television… we’ll see.

Any game players? GTA V??? Post your setup!!

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I made a post on reddit where I touched on GTA V on the AMD Ryzen 5 7640u.
It ran GTA V with a near perfect 60 FPS on basically 1080 set to lower and normal

You can find my post here. In the comments you’ll find some other requests and potentially answers :slight_smile:.

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