Graphics performance compared to Nvidia GTX850m or similar?

Hi all
I’m not a big gamer however I do play a little bit…
I am currently using an older Asus laptop with an i7 CPU and a discreet Nvidia GTX850m 2GB graphics card - I picked it partly because of that.
It is certainly not a “gaming laptop”… But it does what I need it to do - for the most part. I don’t have super high expectations. To give you an idea, I play titles like GTA V and Skyrim SE - and would love to try one of the newest Assassin’s Creed but that card is below the minimum system requirements (which would be a GT960 I think or something in that range).
GTA V and Skyrim both work great at 1920x1080 and almost maxed out settings.
The Framework’s CPU would be superior to the one I currently have being an 11th gen… But what about Intel’s graphics chip? I’ve been told they went a long way these past few years… How good is it and can it do as well as my GTX850m or even better?
I’m not sure if that changes anything but just for information I am running OpenSUSE Linux - have been for these past 20 years or so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I used this when picking out the card I would need in the eGPU to run my desktop flight sim. Granted it’s a very specific use case, and not a general benchmark, but it should give you some idea where the i5 and i7 stack up…

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Interesting, thanks!
Edit: cool, they have a specific benchmark for the Framework laptop…
XP11 runs at 29fps at 1920x1080 that’s encouraging!

I think GTA V performance will be similar if not slightly worse. A very similar laptop (i7, 30W power limit, DDR4-3200 RAM) gets 64 FPS at 1080p normal settings. Make sure you use 2 RAM sticks.

Skyrim should be at least 60 FPS at 1080p maxed settings.

Keep in mind that they ran their benchmarks with only 1 RAM slot occupied which results in a ~20% performance hit in games.

Thanks :+1:
I’ll set it up with at least 2x8GB of RAM (I currently have 2x4GB and that’s not enough especially when editing 4k video clips in Olive…) or maybe even 2x16GB (which might be overkill but I’d rather have too much than not enough).

For anyone else wondering about the gaming capabilities of the Framework laptop, this guy tried Crysis and Doom 2016 on it and also explains how to calculate the ideal resolution… He got some acceptable results.

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