Framework in 2022: Year-in-review

Every year at Framework is exciting but 2022 was especially important. We took major steps towards our mission of remaking consumer electronics to respect people and the planet. We fulfilled promises, extended our reach into new regions and categories, and created infrastructure to help us grow. On top of this, we watched our community expand and create some amazing things! We couldn’t do any of this without you. Here is a list of major milestones from the past year.

We kept our promise on upgradeability

We continued to push open source hardware and software

We built solid infrastructure to keep growing on

  • We completed a Series A fundraising round and raised $18M to bring our mission and product philosophy to new areas.
  • We expanded into five new countries! Our current list of orderable countries include: US, Canada, Germany, UK, Ireland, Austria, Netherlands, Australia and France. If you’re in a country that we don’t currently ship to please register your country on our waitlist so we can prioritize our expansion.
  • We overhauled our logistics and supply chain to reduce our environmental footprint and centralize production in Taiwan!

We began building an ecosystem of products around the Framework Laptop

We started some fantastic partnerships

  • We began our partnership with Running Tide, a carbon sequestering company located in Maine. Running Tide’s carbon sequestering involves literally sinking carbon in the ocean through floating bio-buoys that grow kelp micro forests over a period of months and then sink to the ocean floor, sequestering carbon for hundreds to thousands of years. You can now purchase 334 kg of carbon capture in our Marketplace to make your laptop carbon neutral.
  • We extended our Linux distro partnerships, providing a number of development units to project leads and maintainers. We also chatted with the Manjaro team and Matthew Miller from the Fedora team on what gets them excited about the Framework Laptop.
  • We announced our partnership with Google and launched the Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition in the US and Canada, bringing unprecedented performance and flexibility to ChromeOS.

We saw an incredibly capable and creative community grow

  • To accelerate the ecosystem around the Framework Mainboard, we gave away free Mainboards for community development.
  • And while there are hundreds of projects out there, here are just 10 that caught our eye:
  1. Aluminum/3D Printed Mainboard Enclosure
  2. Framework Tablet
  3. Keyboard PC (and this one, too)
  4. Magnetic charging Expansion Card
  5. Transparent Framedeck
  6. Mainboard Terminal
  7. Solokeys - Solo2 Expansion Card
  8. Input Cover Controller
  9. Parts Tray for Framework Laptop
  10. Adjustable Framework Laptop Stand

As the year closes, we feel so grateful for all of your interest and enthusiasm. Thank you for believing in this mission and the products that deliver on it! We’re committed to remaking consumer electronics and we’re excited to share more next year!


Thank you for making these amazing products! I’m curious to see where Framework will go in the future!


This has been such an amazing year for Framework as a company, and for me using my Framework laptop. It’s been an honor to be a part of this community, and I cannot wait to see all the great stuff that gets done next year!


After 3 months of daily use, I can’t say enough about how much I love this laptop. Keep going!


Very excited to continue to follow Franework’s Journey


Thanks for the excellent article!

I just put the links to the community thread of the community projects that don’t have a link to the thread in the article above. I thought that someone wants to comment on the thread.

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Thanks Squid! I’d like to echo the sentiment being expressed here. Framework is doing great things, and I really can’t wait to see what is next!!

Happy holidays everyone!


I really REALLY hope Framework introduces more design patterns for users to choose from in 2023, especially on things like:

  • 15-inch (or higher) display model
  • OLED display option
  • 120Hz refresh rate in the display
  • 2K resolution (or higher)
  • 16:9 display ratio

Also, it would be great if we focus on things like:

  • Decreasing the size of the port and card so user can more than 4 cards.
  • Increasing the battery quality and size.
  • Magnetifying the cards to make it more hazzle free and smooth.

Thank you. Your product is amazing. As a Linux user, this products means a lot to me.

Thanks for all the hard work! I am really happy for framework!

This Year-in-review post would be a good newsletter post. I got the newsletter with all small announcement like “Chromebook out” and “Thunderbolt 4 certified”. Strangly I cannot find this summary. Maybe post it again? It not too late.

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