Framework Laptop 13 to 16

When I placed my pre-order for a 13" I hadn’t seen the 16" and I wanted to ask if I could transfer my order from a 13 to a 16 when they are available.

Another thing I wanted to ask is if the Mobile GPU available for the 16" will have a counterpart for the 13" or is it only on the new 16" frame?


Afaik you cant change your order, only cancel.

The new GPU is for the 16 inch version only.

Sorry, this may not be what you were looking for but all I can give you.


I think this question would be best addressed directly by the support team.

I think @Anachron is right but I’m also unsure. There is a “Modify my order” category on the support questions page –here–. Use the drop down menu in the first input field “Support Request Category” to see it.

I’m not sure if transfers are possible, but there also wouldn’t be much point in a transfer, since the 16" is not available for preorder yet. The best option would be to cancel your 13" preorder and put in a new preorder for the 16" when it becomes available later this year.

If you are trying to make sure you get an early place in line by transferring, I do not think support can allow that, or else everyone would be preordering the 13" with a support request to switch over. Also, what would happen if the 13" you ordered ended up getting delivered before the 16" is available for preorder? Support would no longer be able to transfer anything, and you would get a 16" that you do not want.

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