Order upgrade question

Hello, i’ve order a 13" AMD, batch3 i want to upgrade the order request. From what I’ve understand I need to cancel the order and request a new one. In that case would my order still be in the batch3? Or would it be delayed in other batches?

It depends on what you want to change. What you need to do is submit a request to support and they can change the order. For some things (RAM, certain accessories) they can simply modify the order. For the main configuration (CPU, possibly others) they would have to cancel the order. Unfortunately, at that point you would have to place a new pre-order, ending up in whatever the current pre-order batch is. I don’t believe they can change things like CPU while keeping you in the same batch, because that batch is already “sold out.” In other words, the quantities of each configuration are already set for that batch and they cannot simply add another of whatever configuration to it. Otherwise they would still be putting new orders into that batch.

Either way, welcome to the community! Hopefully the change you want to make isn’t something that would require the order to be cancelled.

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Thx mate, I’ve requested a ram upgrade and a HDD upgrade as well, but never got replied, it was a week ago. I don’t know what is the procedure to get an answer from them, all I did was submitting a request.

They are overwhelmed with support requests due to the massive popularity of the launch of the FW16 laptop, so their replies have been a bit delayed. It might be a few more days, but I expect you will receive an email response back informing you that they have modified your order.

I requested a change of RAM on my AMD 13" pre-order and after a few business days (this was shortly before the opening of pre-orders for the FW16) I got an email confirming that they had modified my order.

Ok, I was thinking that 1 week delay was enough, but seems that the 16 release have bigger impact than I thought. Anyway, thx for your help , I appreciate :grin:

Sure thing, happy to help.

I know they used to push to respond to support requests within 24 hours, but I also know there are reports of it taking much longer ever since the preorders for the 16 opened. Hopefully they’ll be able to catch up soon.

Also, it might be worth checking your spam folder in your email. I think my response went to my spam box. You could also check your order in your account. After I got the response from support, I looked at my order in my account on Framework’s site and it reflected the change.

I’ve checked spam, also my order: nothing yet, I’ll wait a couple of days.
Batch3 should be sent by the end of September, I will have to wait anyway.

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You can read more about the support overwhelm here Status of Framework Support

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Hey, that’s cool, my order have been correctly updated :pray: