Framework Monitor and/or All-In-One

Would it ever be a possibility for Framework to create a monitor?

I think this could be a great addition to the framework lineup, maybe creating a few standard sizes (27, 32, 38 etc) and having a similarly modular approach… i.e. replaceable screens, bezels, speakers, ports, stand, etc. I know quite a few friends who dont like the idea of a laptop but the only space they have available would be good for an all-in-one.

I’ve used an all-in-one before and it was good enough but the problem is that, like most laptops, they are completely non-upgradeable…my idea would be for a monitor that could work on its own as a ‘dumb monitor’ with the option to add a FW13 mainboard and maybe even a connection/expansion bay type system for a GPU like in the 16. That way people who need more than a laptop, but dont have the space for a desktop could have an upgradeable all-in-one. Maybe years down the line they upgrade the CPU, or go to a high-resolution OLED display

Not sure if its a huge market but I thought it could be an interesting idea. What are your thoughts/ideas…would anyone else even be interested in something like this?


I mean, they already sell half of an AIO by way of a mainboard, a power adapter, and either the 3d printed VESA mount case or the Cooler Master case. High quality desktop monitors that aren’t just e-waste are much easier to come by than a whole computer.

I don’t think there’s any market for a framework monitor, but AIOs are being built off of Framework tech!


Fair enough, personally I’m a huge fan of Framework’s ideology and would love for them to have a product for just about everything.

My thought is that the main market for All-in-Ones are people who dont really want to have to source everything separately.

As for monitors no matter how good they are screens can crack and/or degrade over time and really be unusable even if everything else is fine. That and like laptops resolution and technology changes. I would love to be able to buy a monitor now and keep (most of) it for a decade or more without having to give up the ability to have the best quality.

If Framework can somehow develop pressure sensitive EMR display panels, I’d be the happiest meat popsicle on the planet. Give me the option of a serviceable / repairable device like the Wacom Mobile Studio or even something like a Windows Surface Pro without the really garbage pen tech Surface Pro uses? YES PLEASE

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