Framework Phone Concept


The business/DoD angle is a great idea, specially because having a device with the Framework philosophy that can be easily repaired in the field or modified would be a big plus.

I hope they consider the 10" laptop.

Availability. Even if I wanted to buy either of those phone in Canada, it’s not going to happen without me sacrificing connectivity or some other problem (i.e no parts).

If Framework did come out with a phone, it would be at the top of my list for sure.


Have you read some topics of the Fairphone site, parts are unlikely to be an issue.

Clove ship worldwide, the whole phone, accessories and parts, excluding stand alone batteries.

There are still missing frequencies for CA and USA users. I don’t know about others, but that is an absolute dealbreaker for me.

When I need it, I need my phone to work & work well. Service providers do not even provide good general service maps. Let alone the option to see coverage if you are missing 3 of their bands. And it’s some low frequency bands it’s missing. Which can be essential for penetrating trees, vehicles and buildings. Depending on your provider & location, primary bands used for coverage.


With the introduction of eSims and iSims, maybe these will be worsened or alleviated. However, One issue I see as a drawback is that manufacturers will drop SD Card compatibility as well with this adaptation, just , justith the transformation of wireless headphones.

-deviating from this, relating to headphone jacks. What if we got a standardized optical port? It would provide super low latency audio, although with specific configurations, slight bends in the cable cause disruption. I’m aware dense wavelength division multiplexing prevents this to an extent. It would be cool to see a company adopt this format for audio processing at a consumer-level cost.

Was just thinking about how awesome it would be if Framework made a mobile phone.