Framework standalone is not booting

Hey guys, i have an amd framework standalone (the mainboard with the cooler master case). Since the beginning (about 3 months ago) i had issuea getting this thing to boot properly and reliably.
I have it plugged into an egpu and the laptop is powered by a 120w anker wall charger.

Usually i needed about 5-10 attempts to get this damn thing to boot finally. But now, since a few days, it is so hard to boot this device.

I am currently trying ti get this booting for 40 minutes.

To be a bit more specific. I have the standalone standing in my desk. The right bottom slot is used for power via the usb c module, the top right for ethernet. The bottom left is usb a for my headset and the top left is usb c for the egpu.

Usually after a few attempts, the device would start to boot. But now if i plug everything in and power on the device, the power led is white, the ethernet port shows connection and the fan starts to spin. After about 20 seconds the ethernet leds stop lighting up and after another 10-20 seconds the fan goes down and the power led aswell.

I have tried everything so dar. Resetting the device, plugging only power in without the egpu, only power. Nothing helps.

Why is it so damn hard to get this thing to boot???

I love my framework, but if this doesnt work, i have to send this back and get something else. I cant work like this…

Anyone here experiencing the same or someone who can help me?

Welcome to the forum. Have you reached out to Support?

Yes, i have tried reaching out to them, but so far withour any success. They just asked me stuff i already answerer. Told me to send videos of the boot process and such and nothing useful so far

Are you getting any blinking lights when you try to boot? I’m not sure how it works in the standalone case. Those may help you to sort out what is going on. Barring that, I would try reseating the RAM and the SSD, trying to boot with one stick at a time (i.e. ram1 slot 0, ram1 slot 1, ram 2 slot 0, ram 2 slot 1), trying to boot a live USB and seeing if you have better success with that route, and so on.

I also would continue to troubleshoot with Support. If you have a hardware problem and need an RMA you will need to work with them.

Best of luck.

No blinking LEDs, already had that problem, but thats not it.
Also already tried reseating ram, with only one stick in various condigurarions, reseated ssd, etc. Did all this and it didnt help

This is probably relevant: Does the Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series) include a RTC/CMOS battery on the mainboard?

You are not going to be able to use the AMD board standalone right now. Need to wait until they release a CMOS battery for it, since the mainboard itself doesn’t come with one.

I built a standalone w 12 gen intel. Have to hold down f12 to boot. Otherwise it is fine. Recently connect a yamaha sound bar to it and it is working great as a chess engine and music server for the chess club.