Framework Support and Team Engagement

Hello everyone,

We’re seeing a disturbing trend of irrational anger, foul language, abusive tones, and general toxicity in Support and on our managed social media channels. Everyone is well-within their right to be frustrated, and yes, even angry about anything. We won’t tell you how you can or should feel. What is NOT okay, is personally attacking our staff, finding our personal online accounts that are not work-related, and spamming hateful messages, full of vitriol. If you are that upset, a simple solution, cancel your pre-order. If you are getting that worked up over us being transparent about issues outside of our control at the moment, your mental health is more important, and you should probably walk away for yourself and everyone involved. While we absolutely appreciate the business, we do not take kindly to our hardworking staff being berated, dehumanized, and disrespected. They are not valid proxies for venting your destructive verbiage. If you have feedback, provide it in a constructive way, and I promise you it is escalated for review by internal staff equipped and dedicated to receive it. As a company of less than 50 employees worldwide, we still have a lot of growing to do, and it’s clear that some expectations that exist are far loftier than we are able to meet. We’ll continue to be transparent, but if there’s confusion around information we’ve provided, politely ask for clarification. We make mistakes, but do not immediately assume that Framework is purposefully trying to take advantage of you or perform some nefarious deed. That’s not who we are, and that’s not on-mission or on-brand. Assume good intent, first and foremost, as we’re working insanely hard in every department within Framework.

Given the above, if you have decided to continue down a toxic path, we will cease engagement and you will be ignored. I will not allow our staff to be abused, period. Not once have they been disrespectful or deserved to be on the receiving end of some of these messages.

To the vast majority of our respectful followers and/or customers, thank you. If we’ve missed on your expectations, we sincerely apologize, and please know that we’re always trying to do what we can to make it right. There are limitations to what’s possible given a number of factors, but we’ll continue to be as transparent and open as we can.

Thank you.

Kevin Crawford
Head of Global Customer Experience