Framework Support Ticketing Issues

Hi everyone,

Our support ticketing system from Kustomer is experiencing a significant outage affecting your ability to submit tickets, and our ability to triage them. It seems tied to a larger AWS (Amazon Web Service) outage that is affecting a large number of companies.

Unfortunately, resolution of this issue is completely outside of control at the moment, and we’re hoping they are able to resolve the problems soon.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


If we made a ticket during the outage will we have to re-submit it when it comes back up?

Uncertain at the moment. Things are kind of up in the air and we’re not sure of the actual impact. We’ll have to see when it comes back up. :frowning:

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Best of luck to you all.

Yes, the outage is having a widespread impact, even some of my companies web services are being effected by the outage.