[SOLVED] Issues contacting support


I decided to come post here because I’m having trouble reaching the support team.

I opened a ticket with them on Friday about my pre-order, I wanted to change the sotrage configuration. I’ve not heard anything back

I opened a new issue on Monday, still nothing.

I’ve checked my gmail filters, and I don’t see anything.

Is this normal? If it’s not, what’s a good option to get ahold of someone to help me close the loop here?


Please be patient and wait for support’s response. Note that replying to the thread and creating additional tickets will only delay their response further.

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Right on!

As long as there is a path to resolve things if the machine ships before the ticket is acted on.

Speaking of, I request a more traditional support ticketing interface. As of now, this is a blackhole. If I had a link to something I could at least see it was in some state. I was worried that either i had an email filter, or had accidentally clicked “close ticket” in that workflow.



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Did you receive an automated response letting you know that your support request was received? It’s important to know that not only is Support swamped right now, but they also don’t work on weekends, so they wouldn’t have been able to respond until Monday at the earliest. If you haven’t received the automated response, then there is a chance that Framework is unable to respond to you with the email you provided.

I did get an email, but that email had language about how I might not hear back if I ‘closed the ticket’ using one of the links at the end of the workflow. Since the only way out of the modal was to click something, I wasn’t 100% sure I hadn’t (multi-tasking as I’m also quite busy :wink: )

All is well now, I’ve heard back. 48 business hours, and 4 days later. I promise you, i’m not going to be the only one who wonders ‘what’s up’ after 24. That will generate more load for them, and that’s not what anyone wants.

All I needed was some sort of status page, this is a normal feature of support ticketing systems. It will help everyone if this is part of the scaling plan.

I shall consider this thread closed, thanks for your help!

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