Framwork Newsletter - Receiving no mails

I’m not sure if to address this here, or to write the support, but I can’t get any mails from the newsletter. I already signed up twice, both times with the same email address I use for my account. I checked the “Weekly updates” box, is it normal and we just don’t get any updates, or did I mess something up? Because I really look forward to press “Go to checkout” for my basket, the minute the email entitled “Good News! We now ship to Europe!” comes in.


My guess is that the team is super busy and (unfortunately) the newsletter has fallen through the cracks. I signed up in late July when I ordered and have so far only received one email update. That was when the Linux blog post was published.

I’d definitely like to here more from the Framework team, but maybe that will be a job for the community manager.


Ah that could be the case, well then I will simply wait, until something is comming

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Yeah, there just haven’t been any updates. You can check to the blog to see, either here or on their website

Our last newsletter/blog post was on September 1st, mostly because I haven’t been able to get into the necessary headspace to write one since then! We have no shortage of interesting topics that we’d love to share more about though when we’re able to.


I’d like to make a note also that after big ‘hurrah’ of initial deliveries and reviews, it has been too quiet on Framework’s side. Ton of people would like to know about upcoming plans, marketplace, new devices, country availabilities and anything in between.

I understand that some of it is internal info that may not be good to share publicly, but there should be some amount of regular communication from the company at these early stages in order to stay on the radar and relevant.
If not, people will start to lose interest and move along to other options as they are left in unknown.
This would lead to drop in interest and involvement, which is crucial for a new business.