FW 16 Batch 7 Touchpad/Numpad Not working, Keyboard on its way out

As of the beginning of this week, my numpad has stopped working, then my touchpad completely stopped functioning, and now today I booted up my laptop to find the backlight on my keyboard doesn’t work now.

Physically all of the components look fine when I removed them, but obviously that doesn’t really tell much. Everything is on the latest drivers, bios, and Windows 11 updates. I’m pretty much at a loss since windows is detecting the devices just fine in device manager, however they are not reporting any information even after disabling and re-enabling as well as uninstalling the devices and restarting.

Are my components just dead or is there anything I should try?

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Here is a technique that has fixed a number of similar problems. I’d suggest it as the first line of defense.

If you try it, please report whether it worked or not.

Just tried it and no luck.