Only J and P keys working on keyboard

  • Windows 10
  • Framework Laptop 16
    Finished assembling my DIY edition and as I went to install windows, I noticed that my keyboard wasn’t working. I have the main keyboard and a numpad, and after some testing i found that while the numpad works perfectly, only the j and p keys on the keyboard work. This issue persists after reseeding the keyboard,restarting the computer, and fully installing and updating all drivers and windows 10. An external keyboard in a usba port works fine as well. I’ve already submitted a suport ticket, but figured I’d ask here as well in case anyone just happens to know the solution off the top of their head.

Only a few keys work on mine too, I have been in touch with support. I suspect the keyboard module is faulty

Hi @Drew_Cummings and @yessikg ,

Sorry to hear your keyboards are not working. If you search the FW16 board a few others have had issues with theirs too. One suggestion was to reinitialize? the firmware on the keyboard. Support will likely ask to have lots of pictures of the keyboard, midplate, box, and other things just to give you a heads up.

As a caution, Windows 10 is not officially supported by the FW16, support hopefully will not bug you about this, however it could be a sticking point if they are following strict instructions from management.

Best of luck with you, let us know how it turns out. One user had a whole new machine shipped to them likely so engineering could investigate the module and possible root causes.

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