FW 16: what specs to choose for battery life?

Hello guys, I know this question as been running around a little bit, but I can’t seem to find an answer.

As far as battery life is concerned and assuming that I am not limited on budget, would it be a mistake to order the Ryzen 9 with 64 GB RAM and 2 TB SN850X?

What I am mostly doing is development and watching videos. I’ll probably use Ubuntu as my main OS and will run VM from time to time for Visual Studio (I know it could be power hungry to run VM, so I might consider to plug in the power for that).

What I am wondering is at what degree the CPU, RAM and Storage will influence my battery life? I’ll possibly also run 30-40% brightness when on battery. I just try to be as future proof as possible and will not order the GPU expansion since I have an eGPU for my needs.

Also, has anyone ever tried battery pack with high wattage for on-demand extra battery? Is it effective? What are you using?

If you want the best battery life I would recommend going with the Ryzen 7 as at least in theory it should be a little less power.

For the most efficient ssd i would use the SN770 the ssd will be a tad slower but also uses less power. But i hear the Hynix P41 is the ultimate in efficiency.

Sadly no one has one of these computers yet. So it’s hard to know the true difference in power based on how the energy system is set up.

I do have an Anker 737 24000mah battery pack i will have to use with it it works ok with my xps 15 (just doesn’t fully charge it obviously. But tops off battery in normally under 30-35 mins (mind you its only ~1/3 the batteries capacity and iPad Pro works great.

Depends to what amount the R9 may allow for AMD’s overclocking utilities to work too.

If you’re able to undervolt the chip because it’s unlocked while the 7 cannot use those utilities, the 9 may still get better battery than the 7. Nobody knows until they get hands on though.

At any rate, no dgpu is about the best anyone can guess rn

I’m thinking that Its probably a better idea, for me at least, to order with the Ryzen 9 without ram or storage and let the first couple batches do their experiment. I really have to change my old mentality about laptop, because the FW can be modified. How great!

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that’s what I’m doing but with the Ryzen 7 batch 8 so will have ~5-6 batches worth of experience (not necessarily counting batch 7 as I assume batch 8 will start processing before batch 7 fully delivers) before I have to pull the trigger. I may go with dual 48gb sticks just because if I’m going to spend ~230 for 64 IF the 96GB kit works why not spend the $70-80 more to get 32 GB more.

Unless you are full loading the cpu on battery they should not be that different. If you do full load them, the higher end ones will draw more power but also get more work done so that’s a tradeof there.

From my testing on the framework 13 (and the hs/hx chips should have the same memory controller as the u) there is pretty little power consumption difference with memory. The difference between 4800 and 5600 wasn’t measurable at all and the difference between 1 stick and 2 was just 0.2W which isn’t worth halving your bandwith for imo.

Storage should not make a huge difference either as long as you aren’t loading it too hard on battery since the drive will be asleep for most of the time (as long as you have one with working apst).

Apparently amd removed undervolting in the 6000 mobile series.

On the 7480u at least the relevant menus don’t even show up in smokeless.

Sad, undervolting made a ton of difference on the intel 6,7 and 8000 series I had.

This question did come up already, but hasn’t been answered by any Framework official yet, so for now it’s safer to assume, that the R9 won’t have undervolting support. Thus, I settled with the 7840.
For my next upgrade though, I’m going to be more picky about undervolting and also CAMM support.


Thank you for the replies. Now we just have to wait for the first batches experiments. I can’t wait to get my hand on the device, hoping that everything ramp up quickly. I really need a second laptop for personal/business use. Looking at the forum the hype is palpable!