FW13 (7040 Series) won't boot

A few days ago my FW13 (Windows 10, 7040 Series AMD) crashed while alt-tab’ing between programs. The screen froze and after restarting it posted and then restarted itself before booting windows, with the power switch blinking a few times. During this I could hear the fan spooling up and down in quick ~2 sec intervals. Figured it was overheating, as it’s been struggling with that, and let it cool off. After waiting a couple minutes it rebooted just fine and I monitored CPU temps for the rest of the day (hot but not dangerous).

Cut to today - I go to start it and it gets stuck at the Framework loading pinwheel. After 10 minutes of this I shut it off, and when I turn it back on I get nothing. Dead screen, the only sign of life is the LED in the power switch flicking on and off when I press it. After reading a similar sounding post I tried removing the SSD to force it boot into the BIOS menu but nothing changed.

Any thoughts/advice are greatly appreciated.

Note: I do dual-boot Linuxmint from my 1 TB expansion card, but all of these issues have been encountered during or right after running Windows.