FW16 Not using 7700s?

Hey all,

Is there any way to determine if an application or game is actually using the dedicated 7700s GPU module? My Nvidia based PC at home has the option to put an icon on the start menu that I can click that will tell me what is using the dedicated GPU

When a run a game and look at AMD adrenaline metrics the 7700s has 0% clock speed. I used to get a pop up toast message that the system was switching to the dedicated GPU but that doesn’t come up anymore.

When I select the game in adrenaline and look at the option/settings I can only choose AMD smart access mode and hybrid mode and both selections have the Mux position as the Power Efficient APU with no option to change it.

Running Windows 11 Pro
Ryzen 9 7940HS
64 ram
7700S module installed

There may be other ways, but under Windows the ATI adrenaline software has a metrics tab that shows power consumption number for the three components - CPU, IGP, and dGPU. That will tell you. AMD software also has an OSD that can be enabled to show you some/all of this info.

Thanks for the answer but that is what I’m using to get my metrics. Just sits at 0%

Sorry. Under my testing, I was able to get 7700s clocks and power numbers from HwInfo64. I do not have a firm recollection of if said data displayed correctly under AMD Adrenaline, but I think it did. At least for wattage. Do to the nature of FW16 cooling, I don’t believe there will be a working GPU fan/pwm value, but clocks and power should work.

I only spent two days with my FW16 under Windows, but it seemed to me that Hybrid mode only worked when the application/game was able to select/specify the GPU. Smart Access Mode auto-swtiched. Under hybrid, ensure the app has an option regarding which GPU to use. In the AMD app, I would try resetting everything to default and rebooting. If you’ve removed the dGPU, I’d also double check you reconnected it properly (thought I’d expect other issues/errors if it wasn’t).

I could be wrong, but I don’t think the FW16 has a hardware MUX like your Nvidia one did - except if you use the USB-C output from the back of the dGPU. In all other cases, it still uses the IGP for the video out. Which is why the MUX setting is always set to Power Efficient APU.

@Jovec So additional question. Are you still using the AMD adrenaline and graphics driver that is provided by framework or did you upgrade manually?

I downloaded and upgraded adrenaline manually because the baked in version from framework wasn’t up to date and I couldn’t find a way to update it in the app. I wonder if that is part of my issue.

Adding an update. I reinstalled the driver packet from Framework even though it’s using some outdated software and all the metrics began working again. I guess there is some magic voodoo that framework is customizing the adrenaline software with to get it to see the GPU module correctly.

I’ll stick with this software for now.

I did my testing with the latest FW driver bundle. After that I did install the latest AMD driver, mainly to see if any power, clock, or memory settings were made adjustable for the 7700s (they weren’t). I did not check auto-switching with the latest AMD stock driver, but it seems like you found your answer - FW either enables something in their driver release or it’s an AMD bug. FWIW, unless the newer driver has specific fixes for a game, there probably won’t be a performance difference.