FW16 RAM Module Heatsinks

Hello! I currently intend to install a Crucial 64GB Kit (2x32GB) of DDR5 5600 Laptop Memory (CT2K32G56C46S5) in my FW16 when it arrives. I’m wondering if it would be possible (or advisable?) to install heatspreaders on the RAM? If so, what are the board tolerances between the MB and ram module?

I was thinking about putting a silicon thermal pad below the modules and either an ultra slim graphene sticker style heat spreader on top of the modules, or a shim style copper (1mm-2mm) heat spreader with 1mm silicon thermal pad (depending on clearance.)

Short question: What does Framework advise for Ram heatsinks in the FW16? Also wondering if FW has experimented with using them in the development machines?

A heatsink needs to have 2 things: more surface area than the part it cools and airflow.
Anything you put in the already tiny space around RAM will constrict airflow.
Only thing that might help is thermally coupleing the RAM to the chassis with a properly sized thermal pad.


Run it as it comes out of the box. The RAM is designed to run in the tight confines of a laptop within the standard spacing for a SO-DIMM. It doesn’t need additional cooling.

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