FW16 video reviews from Elevated Systems and Level1Tech!

Two Framework 16 video reviews just dropped today from Elevated Systems and Level1Tech!


Great reviews. I don’t know if I’m just brainwashed, but the negatives in these reviews are falling flat for me. I’m excited to see more reviews from these two.


IMO, the level1techs review seemed to be quite one sided, as he didn’t seem to evaluate it critically as much as a normal reviewer is expected to. He loves it, which is great, but as a reviewer you have to be be objective about a product’s weaknesses as well as strengths.

Elevated systems video was more of an unboxing and hopefully his full review is more positive, but the negatives he did mention will be more applicable to an average consumer who aren’t just looking at modularity/upgradability as the desired factors.


Level1 reviews for a very specific audience and caters only for that audience.
If you’re looking for a generic laptop review that is not the channel to be looking at to begin with.


I haven’t seen Wendell’s review but I’m guessing he’s focusing on framework’s Linux support. He can get giddy about that. As far as my continuing series, its taken a few days to get back into doing demanding workflows on a PC, and to adjust to the quirks of an AMD GPU, but I should have the next video out by the middle of next week.


I subscribed primarily for the Framework laptop coverage. :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work, and looking forward to see what other projects you have up next! Especially excited for when you eventually upgrade the FW16 motherboard because I know you’ll probably do something interesting with the old one. :slight_smile: