FydeOS works on 12th gen intel cpus

So I’ve been trying to get a working setup with ChromeOS on my 12th gen framework laptop pretty much from day one.

I’ve tried Flex and just about every combination of brunch version to build version (like volteer and brya) I could find and I would always hit an issue with either not installing at all (flex), crashing as soon as I login to a google account, or even everything working except external monitors and fingerprint reader.

Well I finally found a build that works (except fingerprint reader but I can live with that), and its FydeOS.

So far everything is working great now, even android.

The only downside I have seen is I cant login using my google account and the workaround for that from a few months ago no longer works in the latest build…

All in all it’s not a bad build, though it is a bit behind current chromium os and as such is missing some of nice new stuff like dark mode and the new terminal app.

Hopefully brunch will have support for 12th gen in the near future but until then this works for what I need.

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