Geforce Now - Jerky video

Hi everyone,

I have had my Framework Unfortunately I noticed an embarassing problem. When I play on Geforce Now, the video is jerky. The sound is not “late”, but sometimes it stutters.
I tried on both the Windows app and Chrome, I get the same problems.
And then I tested on my work computer, using Chrome. The video is completely smooth.

Here are my settings:

  • Dell: Intel i7-8650U with UHD Graphics 620, 16go RAM, WIN11 Pro
  • Framework: Intel i7-1165G7, 16go RAM, WIN11 Pro

I plug them to my Dell D6000 docking station. The monitor is plugged to the dock with a DP cable.

I made sure I had the latest graphic and dock drivers.
Do you know what else I can do ?

Thank you

Try the internal display.

I just tried. It’s also jerky.
Tomorrow I will try to record my screen so you can see. It’s slightly jerky but enough for my eyes to notice and it’s tiring. It’s also frustrating because in an FPS game, every frame counts. (no I’m not trying to find excuses for why I’m bad haha)

Don’t think that’d be related to Framework.

It’s a internet related issue now.

That was related to my dock. Sorry for bothering.