Generic backcover of monitor

I want to know if there is the possibility of having a backcover with no logo. Is it difficult to add this as a customization option?


Framework Laptop Skins, Wraps & Covers » dbrand Use a dbrand skin, you have the option to cover the logo… but… .why would you LOL. I love that sprocket wheel looking thing… represent son!


It’s a Torx screwdriver tip!

True but I’d like to engrave my own logo onto it. I do not want to add a dbrand skin.


Ah, yes… Costs of producing a very limited run of anything are expensive as the cost of the unique die is distributed along all the units produced.

Buy a StickerMule custom one of your logo and slap it over. You could also get a custom cover made from

TOAST - Laser cut covers


nice option, any other possibilities?

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Pretty sure mine’s the best :smile: A white-on-transparent Puffy sticker I got at some OpenBSD thing years ago lets the Framework logo shine through but makes clear my choice of OS.

Please don’t ask where to get one; it was on my shelf for many years; I’ve no idea so I hope the back panel never needs replacing! I had two but the one on my old dying laptop did not come off in one piece, so this is the last one I know about.

OTOH, I’d assume that most other logos (Tux?) could be had in the same format, barring copyright issues. Doesn’t help the OP who wanted to totally hide the FW logo, but I sure didn’t want to do that either.


Well I was thinking of getting one like this. Yet no one could answer me the question if I could get a ‘blank’ back cover…

I still have a number of these in a shoebox with all my other stickers. :grin: