Production errors: wrong label for DDR4 Channel 0, German Keyboard layout

I’m very happy with my Laptop from Batch 9, but I noticed two production errors:

  1. Both memory slots are labeled Channel 1.

  2. The left “ctrl”-key is not translated to german “strg” like the right “ctrl” key.

No great problems, but I wanted to give some feedback. I’m sorry, if someone already pointed this out.


Channel 0 is the right hand slot looking at it from the front.

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Yep, Definitely an issue.

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Oof. Yeah, the Channel 0 slot is on the right and looks like it was mislabeled during manufacturing of the mainboard. We’ll be reaching out to our mainboard manufacturer ASAP to see if this was a one-off issue. I haven’t seen any other reports in our ticketing or Community and we’re really sorry about the mislabeling.

On the keyboard, yeah, we’ve received a previous report about that and it was escalated for review with our PMs (Program Managers). We’re digging in on this one as well.

Thanks for the reports and hopefully these small issues do not stop you from enjoying your Framework Laptop. If so, please contact Support and let us know.


Anyone who orders a DIY kit should be able read the guides and find the right slot.

It’s still a great machine and i will happily recommend framework laptops to my friends.

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Hey all,
i just wanted to confirm at least the not translated ctrl key on my German Keyboard on a Batch 9 DIY FrameWork. I dont know the RAM Channel Label, as i just installed two DIMMs and didnt look at the labels.
Not a problem for me at all, makes the laptop even more unique!