GhostBSD boot failed?

I’ve got a framework 13 with AMD trying to boot GhostBSD install media but it keeps giving me an error message:

EFI USB Device
(KingstonDataTraveler 3.0) boot failed.

The GhostBSD install media is booting on another AMD laptop I have, but for some reason with the framework laptop, boot fails. Not sure why. I’m not too familiar with Insyde BIOS — I don’t see settings that might affect booting from GhostBSD install media.

I have successfully installed Linux Mint 21.1 without much issues using the same USB device as the install media, which should rule out any potential issues with booting from USB.

Any suggestions on what do try?

Thanks in advance.

could it be that FreeBSD/GhostBSD doesn’t support the card at the moment?

That’s the issue I have, with the intel version.

Thanks for the reply. What card? Do you mean the USB port “card”?

In my case, I don’t think it has even made it out of BIOS environment – there is an “OK” button under the error message. As soon as I press ENTER, it returns to the BIOS screen to select boot device…

If the behavior was the same as mine, how did you confirm that it was “the card” that was the problem?


What software did you use to write the ISO to USB? I’ve used Balena Etcher ( * balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives) with success, although I haven’t tried BSD.

I likewise have used Balena Etcher to write the install image to USB thumb drive, but I don’t think that is the problem either. I have successfully booted another AMD laptop (from Asus) with the same device that failed to boot on framework. The Asus laptop had no problem booting up into GhostBSD (it had problem recognizing the keyboard once booted into GhostBSD, but that’s a different issue).

Were you able to resolve this issue? I’m hitting the same problem with both a NixOS and a Arch boot drive.

Does GhostBSD support SecureBoot?

Try installing via ventoy and then disabling secure boot once you get in. I was going through etcher, switched to ventoy, and then installed no problem.