GPU of the laptop

Can the gpu of the laptop run vr steam With no problems
Need to know before buying

No, the GPU is not VR Ready. I think you can technically run Steam VR apps but you will not be happy with the performance.

For Steam VR, you should consider an eGPU or gaming laptop/desktop

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Google-fu: intel iris xe vr ready - Google Search

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I have to say though I’m quite impressed with how good the iris is. It’s capable.

The Iris Xe is worlds apart from integrated graphics from generations past (and matches benches with my 5-year-old previous laptop’s NVIDIA dGPU!), but it’s nowhere near VR capable. It’s more on the level of League of Legends, indie, and classic retro games (PS2 and Wii ports run pretty well, and that’s about the limit I’ve seen).

You could look into an eGPU solution (just a heads up, a midrange eGPU card+TB4 enclosure+power+cabling will likely double the cost of the full setup), but that may be cost prohibitive, not to mention the cost of a VR headset.

Your best option would probably be to limit yourself to the VR apps that are available natively on your headset (for example, the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 run games and apps quite well natively as opposed to just acting as devices for your computer) and then find some way to sync files if you wanted to use the Framework for VR.