Would a PCVR focused device be viable?

Congratulations on creating such a well considered product. I just watched a tear down & first generation products rarely appear so well gelled. I really hope the market responds well.

Do you suppose the Framework philosophy would work for a device to drive PCVR headsets? Perhaps with a mobile GPU daughter card.

It’s criminal that all of a quest 2 would be thrown away just to get an upgrade of any one component. If headsets can’t be upgradeable, a modular device worn on the back of the head like a counterweight could be a boon.

Sorry to distract from all the work you are already doing on an important product. You may well keep a lot of e-waste out of landfills.

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Several of us on the team come from the VR space. It’s a very interesting category, but realistically isn’t stable enough yet to set into place a design and architecture that can be long-lived. Supporting eGPUs for PC VR is definitely workable though.