Graphics Error AMD Framework 13

When I’m screen recording using obs i keep getting purple flickers in the recording but not on the screen, looks like some sort of graphics driver or gpu error, I’ve downloaded the driver update package of the framework website and have reinstalled it, same with obs, i have reinstalled and messed about with the settings but still keeps happening.
I’ve included photos of what i see in the recording, only happens every 5 seconds or so, and the driver package ive installed.

Somehow i dont have any issues when editing even when gpu is selected,

Screenshot (2)
system specs
windows 10
32GB ram
AMD Ryzen 7 7840U w/ Radeon 780MGraphics

Have you tried the graphics driver directly from AMD? Also Windows 10 isn’t officially supported by this platform and you should be using Windows 11.

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no i’m not sure where to find it, I didn’t realise there was one directly from AMD. but I get 10 isn’t really supported.

This is where you can get the ones directly from AMD:

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