Any new video reviews coming out?

After placing my order I’m soooo excited to get my hands on this and am curious if there will be any other videos coming out showing more of the laptop or any laptop reviews of it running linux. The suspense is killing me? Anyone feel the same? =)


Definitely, though it’s not available yet in the uk

Patiently waiting for the shipping notice.

Then, final assembly, and away we go.


Will any laptops from these first production batches be ending up in the hands of established, well-regarded review sites / channels?

Notebookcheck, Linus Tech Tips, Ars Technica, MobileTechReview, Dave2D, etc… ?

I know getting laptops in the hands of pre-order customers is top priority but getting solid hands-on review hype building will be extremely important for a new company in the laptop space IMO.