[GUIDE] AMD 7840u Linux Mint XFCE Fingerprint Reader, Thermal Grizzly Kryosheet, 96GB Mushkin, AX210

Figured I would crosspost my Reddit thread of my experience here scroll to the bottom for fingerprint reader instructions: Batch 5 AMD 7840u Mushkin DDR5 5600 96GB 4TB Samsung 990 PRO

Just got my AMD 7840u batch 5 delivered today, out-of-box experience was so nice. Took less than 30 mins to assemble.

I replaced the thermal paste with a Thermal Grizzly Kryosheet graphene pad after taping off the capacitors with kapton tape. (Imgur: The magic of the Internet)

Swapped the Wi-Fi card for the Intel AX210 just in case to prevent any funny wifi or driver issues with the mediatek.

Installed Linux Mint and switched to the 6.6.1 mainline kernel, so far so good.

96GB RAM works fine out of the box at 5600.

Ran “stress -c 16” for 30 minutes, CPU temp didn’t go above 80c.

Laptop feels super premium, trackpad and keyboard feel better than I was expecting. There’s a little screen wobble as expected but it’s not too bad.

Can confirm my Anker 65w charger works flawlessly, Wi-Fi 6 with the AX210 network card is also flawless.

The fingerprint reader took a little fiddling to get to work, I’m on Linux Mint XFCE:

When I tried to use fprintd-enroll I got the error that the firmware needed to be updated, but when I ran fwupd it said there was no new firmware so I had to follow this thread to fix it: Updating Fingerprint Reader Firmware on Linux for 13th Gen and AMD Ryzen 7040 Series Laptops

Then once I was able to use fprintd-enroll to add my fingerprints, I had to do apt install libpam-fprintd and follow these instructions to get the lightDM login and su and sudo to use fingerprint: fprint - ArchWiki

Now it’s working properly.

Don’t forget to run sudo pam-auth-update and use spacebar to add fingerprint authentication


6.6 lacks a heap of amdgpu, power delivery and the EC chip patch which is out of tree. I have much better experience with the 6.7rc series just fyi


Thanks for letting me know I’ll bump it up to 6.7rc, I wasn’t sure if the release candidate would be unstable.

Just out of curiosity, why did you switch to the AX210 instead of the default card? Haven’t heard of many driver issues with mediatek or really anything on the normal card.

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I was googling rz616 vs Intel performance and found a lot of threads of people having problems.

I used to work for a system builder in 2013-2016 and remember having a ton of problems with other manufacturers other than the Intel 7260 Wi-Fi card in Linux.

I just wanted to avoid any driver or performance issues in Linux, I figured for $15-19 it’s an easy swap just in case.

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