[GUIDE] Yet Another EasyEffects Profile

Hi there!

I’ve been using different EE profiles for a while now — all of them based on EQ settings.

I’ve decided to try doing an active, Dolby-like profile, and stumbled across this page on EE documentation.

So after going through and adding harmonics to highs as well, I’ve ended up with something which really pleases me, and is (IMO) far superior to any EQ profile I’ve tried.

(Yes, it is far from being a «reference sound». I just wanted it to sound good for me across stuff I listen to)

If you don’t like highs, disable set -3 dB on Exciter, and maybe tune down Makeup in Multiband Compressor bands 3 and 4.

I also encourage you to read the aforementioned doc page to get better understanding of what’s going on in the profile, if you don’t want to use it straight away)

Download preset

Something to test it on (shamelessly inserted playlist with random stuff)

(if your head hurts from all the highs, just delete/disable set -3 dB on Exciter :slight_smile:)



Nice! Marked this as a guide even if it’s just a profile, I want those reading the titles to know it’s a feature, not a request. :slight_smile:

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@cab which version of the Framework did you model this for?

There are existing presets for the Intel 11-13th gen, but the AMD uses a different audio chipset & speaker combination, which presumably would make a difference.

I made this one on 12-th gen. However, it shouldn’t really affect much, as the hardware is pretty much the same (except for people with loud speakers installed), and I would be extremely surprised if AMD version includes DSP drivers in kernel :slight_smile:

Does 80dB go default on AMD?

I’m pleased with it on the AMD laptop. It’s subtle, but obvious when you bypass.

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There is some resonance at 340-440Hz and 440-550Hz range (hah), which I probably need to also tune out (But only after I make sure it’s not metal flakes stuck on my speakers)

Please report if you hear vibrations at 440Hz (you can test it here Online Tone Generator - generate pure tones of any frequency)

There is definately some resonance at full volume. It drops away at half volume. I do not hear the resonance when using headset if that matters much, though I think the preset works well with my headset too.

You can also use the test signal from Easy Effects. You can find that under the “PipeWire” top button, then the “Test Signal” navigation, Set the Freqency and select the state “Enabled”.

thanks for testing! will be modifying preset to remove it

it’s an inherent resonance frequency of the speaker, so it is expected to be different for headphones

Well, I may want to read some literature on getting rid of this particular problem.
While just chomping off whole midsection with -36dB to threshold in band 2 does help with resonances, it also chomps off the whole midsection.

What I imagine I need to do instead is to do a spectrum sweep, recording amount of resonance, then fit a curve to do compression only on those bands. I don’t yet know how to put it in a good way into EE though — EQ just mangles frequencies unconditionally, and I need, well, a multiband compressor but with narrow bands. Maybe I’ll end up with a second one in chain :slight_smile:

I saw this post recently. I think this might be just what you need. HiFiScan will do that bit for you, then you can add it as a correction in EasyEffects, I believe?

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Gonna try that, thank you!

After some tinkering (and building a pillow fort), I’ve managed to launch it and collect an impulse response. It does appear to be helping a lot with resonances, alas some modifications to the rest of the stack now required)


Since I can’t edit this post anymore, I’ve made another one: [GUIDE] Framework DSP — better Linux audio

@Tim_Bosse ty again for pointing me towards it!

I’m just lazy. I want to encourage you to make my audio better! I love the pillow fort. Excellent write up, too.

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