Half display blank

Framework Laptop 13 has been running without issue.

Now when I boot, half the display is blank. Appears to be working well otherwise.
I’m on the latest Windows 11 and drivers.
I’ve tried removing and re-attaching the display cable but the problem persists.

Any other suggestions I can try to rectify this?

Is it blank in the BIOS screen as well, or only once the OS is booting / has booted?

Yes. It is blank in the BIOS also.

Well, shoot. You could try re-reseating the display cable at the board side and the display side (the latter involves removing the display). I would open a ticket with Support. If you are still under warranty you may have a defective display. Sorry to hear that your machine is broken. Hopefully you are able to get it resolved soon. Best of luck.

Took out the display and the board side connection looks a little difficult to remove. It’s taped in and looks very delicate. I might leave that and see what support say.

Got it. For reference, this is the cable, so you can see what the display-side connector looks like: Framework | eDP Cable

Hopefully Support can help you resolve the issue.