[SOLVED] Framework 13 laptop display won’t recognize after mainboard swap


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So I recently purchased the AMD mainboard for my Framework 13. I carefully followed the instructions on the Framework Guides after first turning back on the laptop after the swap I just got the windows welcome sound no screen. So luckily I had some connections for an external display and behold I had an operating mainboard, sadly device manager in Windows 11 clearly shows only my external display (I swapped back to the intel 11th gen board to check and same issue). I was slow and gentle removing the laptop display connector from the mainboard and was wondering if anyone else after first time removal has had a display die. I have made a support ticket, but they are currently swamped with them.

I thought my display was DOA, but eventually I found out the connector on the display side was not properly connected. You can check that connector by removing the display (look for the display replacement guides in the framework docs).

Nervous to try anything else before I hear from support as after using a camera zoom it appears maybe one of the connections came apart after first time ever taking it off.

Makes sense! I, too, was under the impression that the display connector at the main board side was to blame. A closeup from my connector (main board side), showing some irregularities (which in the end turned out to be just fine):

Curious to hear what the verdict from Support is!

Looks damaged. You may need a new display cable.

I thought I would have to purchase another $180 display, but I can just get the cable can’t I?
This is it right? Framework Laptop 13 eDP Cable


Replacement of the ePD cable fixed the problem.