Has Framework looked into expanding its warranty service offerings?

“Expanding warranty service offerings” as in the following:

  1. Extend warranty coverage or period, per part and / or per laptop…including accidental damage coverage.
  2. Partner with local repair shops.
  3. Offer same day or next business day on-site repair service (in conjunction with repair partners).
  4. Offer expedited / next morning arrival shipping of parts, covered under point 1.

Essentially have a wider variety to cover the DIYers, ship back to Framework, on-site, and local repair centre options.

This random thought came to mind after seeing @Paul_Kim display panel issue…while on holiday.

My brother in Christ this is a 4th batch framework almost an year old.

I’m with a 2011 batch 2 unit…so expiring soon here too.

Just to explain a bit more:
I didn’t / don’t expect this from Day 1…but as we’re approaching the end of the 1-year warranty for some unit…this then becomes a slightly more relevant question. Especially when the EU counter part has 2-year warranty. I would assume that having an additional year of coverage for the NA customers will not be much of a logistical issue beyond additional cost for that additional year of coverage. (My simple mind is likely oversimplifying the matter here)

And in general, it’s a question of what is that threshold of Framework being “mature enough” to offer wider warranty services?

It likely has been considered internally at Framework…to at leave arrive at “We’re not there yet”…so, just want to know “When / what is considered as ‘there’?” What are some of the ducks that need to get inline for some of the above ideas to be put in to place?

I wanted to chime in on this because I’m thinking about it too.

I was in the very 1st batch and very quickly had an issue where my laptop wouldn’t turn on. It powered up, but the light just blinked green, I swapped out the RAM and tried resetting the laptop, but no luck. Screen wouldn’t turn. It got RMA’d - Framework team was great and RMA process was great and no complaints.

Since then I’ve had to do the CMOS reset twice - once a few months ago, and once today. Mainly I’ve been struggling with battery life on Linux - like everyone else. Selecting “hybrid sleep” mode sent it into issues today. Battery reset worked but it was dicey because it occurred to me that my warranty was probably up any day now, if not already.

I’d like to buy the 12th gen - mainly because it seems like idle power draw has been halved. But I am concerned about these types of issues…Repairability is great, but the firmware is still pretty beta-feeling and I’d really like some assurances I’m not going to be left with a bricked part for a reasonable amount of time.

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EU has generally much pricier things, but we have laws for things like warranty.

I know. Used to live there.

I’m not expecting the 2nd year for free. Additional cost is expected.

But also keep in mind that listed prices for the EU pretty much always includes taxes while listed prices for the US pretty much always does not include taxes.