Has the flimsy screen been fixed?

Does anyone know if this problem will be corrected? Those of us who travel a lot would have serious problems with a flimsy screen


The reviewers I’ve seen have been inconsistent about their flexing complaints. Some said they keyboard flexed too much and nothing about the screen, others said the keyboard was good and the screen had an issue.

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I think LTT was the only one saying the keyboard flex was an issue, and Framework is investigating that with them, trying to figure out why their unit is that way.

The screen flex does seem to be more mentioned across multiple reviewers, so it’s probably still at least something of an issue. Personally I’m not too worried, a bit of flex when opening/closing from a top corner doesn’t seem all that unusual, unless it’s an extreme amount of flex that might damage the panel. That’d be worrisome to me.


Idk my 10 year old XPS13 has no screen flex and I’m fairly certain if it did, i would’ve destroyed it by now. Its great that I’ll be able to fix the FW16 but i don’t like the increased likelihood that I’ll need to.


My bottom-of-the-barrel Acer has no screen flex. It’s a bit bulky, but it’s also plastic. This has got to be fixable in development for the 16.

just josh showed some flex in his review, too

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My 14 year old Dell Studio 17 has screen flex. Hasn’t caused any fault in 14 years.

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This isn’t the only factor, but I think one factor is the easily removable bezel and even the screen. When the bezel is glued, screwed, or even just strongly clipped in place, that adds rigidity.

The FW 13 display isn’t nearly as rigid as the display on my previous MacBook Air. It’s not as “satisfying” to move, because of the flex. But beyond that, it hasn’t really mattered.

Don’t get me wrong, how something feels and the impression of quality is important, and people have different levels of expectations and tolerance. I would definitely prefer if the display was rock solid. And I understand if screen flex is an issue for some. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not something Framework is actively looking to “fix.” It has some flex and that’s likely just the way it is. It’s a balancing act of rigidity vs. thickness, weight, cost, ease of disassembly, ease of manufacture, etc.

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This is horrible. We await an explanation as to whether this will be resolved. For now they are silent

It’s ok if you’re disappointed for yourself, but it would be nice if you would stick to “I” and not “we” :slight_smile:


If anyone still opens their laptop screen from one side only, they shouldn’t be surprised if it flexes, or eventually breaks ( on any model laptop ). Engineering can only allow for so much misuse, while still providing repairability and upgradability.


It looks horrible because he grabbed both corners and is twisting them in different directions. I tried it on my daily driver 16" laptop which has a metal chasis and twisted the corners in different directions and it flexed. It gets thrown in a backpack and lugged around constantly and it has never had a problem, and it is one I would personally describe as sturdy. I tried the same thing with my old, bulky plastic tank of a laptop and it flexed as well.

I don’t expect it to be any kind of an issue in normal day-to-day use.


image from sean hollister’s review on the verge:

that is a lot of flex for one handed tension. even my horribly badly made chromebook i resurrected a 2012 mbp to replace didn’t flex like that. (and the 2012 mbp has no flex at all one-handed)


Tell that to my xp13 from 2014. 1 handed use, no flex, still fine

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:slight_smile: I am sure it is as solid as a rock, though having been earlier in the design cycle of laptops (ever shrinking) that’s kind of expected. Those dinosaurs (also like my Quasmio (2011) that I’m still using waiting for my framework 16) will always be rock solid - spare a thought for the workers who will be sweating to tear them apart for recycling once they are too slow for much else.

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That appears to be a lot of flex because he chose an angle that deliberately exacerbates the appearance of the flex. At least with Just Josh’s video he was doing a proper angle of directly front facing so we can see a clear perspective of it.


I don’t see any real issue. Framework targets the thin and light category. Compromises must be made. I am always impressed at just how few corrections Framework actually has to make in their products.

I think some folks just like to get riled up and act like the sky is falling.

People said that the FW 13 display was too flimsy so they improved it. You could replace yours and all new FW 13s come with it. Not everyone felt this way so many didn’t get the thicker lid. My wife’s 13 still has the normal thinner one. It has never been a problem. This is the beauty of a laptop built the way Framework builds them. Like software they aren’t set in stone, and they can improve as software does. It is an incredible accomplishment.

That said, Framework has not ever left anyone holding the bag on features that needed work. I have no worry that my batch 1 FW 16 is going to be anything other than the impressive products I’ve come to expect from them.


Except if you needed your laptop to turn on without a power adapter


They were sending the RTC battery fixes to everyone who was reporting an issue. An issue that only affected 11th gen mainboards. So they came up with a fix for the 11th gen, and then made sure it didn’t happen in any future revisions. Yeah it wasn’t the easiest of fixes, but the fact that FW tried is what I’m talking about here. Every other manufacturer would have forgotten about it.

My wife’s 11th gen is going strong to this day. No RTC issues since applying the fix. I have a total of 3 11th gen systems at home. Only 1 is still in a laptop. One is a server, the other is a family computer connected to the family TV. Which is to say the sky isn’t falling because of the RTC issue either.


Yup. Virtually any other company there’d either have to be a lawsuit or something to maybe get anything done. And it’d probably end up being a class action and everybody would get like $15 or something. And still no fix.