Framework Fragile Screen?

Hello Everyone,

I have noticed an issue with the framework 13’s screen fragility, and wanted to know if it’s a common issue with anyone else.


I purchased a framework 13 a few months back, and I’ve been overall very happy with the laptop. Great performance, and I’m to find a manufacturer that seems to want to help its customers.

The only hiccup I encountered was my screen going partially black after less than one month. No rough handling, just regular student use. I assumed it was a defect, contacted support, answered questions/sent photos, and they sent me a replacement. It was an easy repair, and I was overall very happy I went with framework for this specific reason.

Unfortunately, just two months later, the screen has the same issue. This is out of nowhere, no rough handling, just opening it up and the screen is black. I know lcd screens are not the most durable, but this hasn’t happened to me on any other laptops. I know I could easily replace it, but how can I know it won’t fail again?


The screen appears to break easily, and it’s not a one time thing. I’ve reached out to framework support, so I’m not looking for fixes here. What I am wondering is if anyone else is seeming to have this issue. I know I’m just one case, but for me, this has impacted my work. I’ve treated it like any other laptop I’ve used previously, but it’s the only one to give me such spontaneous failures. Has anyone else had this issue? It seems like a huge flaw in an otherwise great product.

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Some of us have been downright abusive and not run into this issue. My laptop has been dropped (while closed) and it’s fine…other than the dbrand skin being a bit scuffed now.

I’ve seen issues where other users complained about it too, especially LCD backlight failure, but it doesn’t seem to be as common as Rx 7700S just plain dying on FW 16s. That’s a plague right now.