HDMI audio output?


Has anyone gotten HDMI audio output working with the framework?

I have tried different monitors/TVs. It doesn’t show up as a sound option in Windows 10, and it doesn’t transmit anything. I’m using the same HDMI cable I use with my camcorder for video capture where it carries stereo 16 bit/48 KHz PCM audio.

I installed the driverpack on this website, and also tried driverpack solution too just to see if anything was missing. I am using the USB-C/HDMI adapter that comes with the laptop and plugs into the side, not my own.


Just tried real quick, and my XG270HU monitor is recognized as a sound output for Windows without issue, either over the HDMI expansion card or through my generic USB-C hub.

Does this occur as well with the Beta driver bundle here: Public Beta Test: BIOS v3.03 + Driver Bundle 2021_08_31

No change.

I checked device manager. When I tell it to show hidden devices, intel hd audio shows up. Which I imagine is HDMI audio, but windows update cannot find a driver for it. Same if I use Intel’s own tool on Intel® Driver & Support Assistant - it says I already have everything, besides some unrelated bluetooth driver that could be updated. I’ll keep digging.


A hah, fixed!

I removed the Intel High Definition Audio manually by right clicking it and going uninstall, after going view → show hidden devices in device manager. I went to Download Intel Drivers and Software and grabbed the beta driver for the Intel Iris XE for my version of windows 10, and it worked. The driver support/assistance page/application was useless, but the Download Intel Drivers & Software page led me to the ability to manuallyu download & install the driver I needed and it worked. I have HDMI audio now! I hope this helps someone else.



For the [historical] record: Is that beta versioned “”?

If, so, did you also try the non-beta (and newer) version:

No HDMI audio for me either on Windows 10 or on Ubuntu 21.04. I tried Louis’ fix and did not work for me. I do have a workaround though…I have a Lenovo USB C Hub w/ a HDMI port on it. This works fine on my Framework and I get audio over HDMI on both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 21.04. Hope a fix is coming for the Framework HDMI port audio as I was hoping to get away from carrying around a hub by being able to choose my own ports.