HDMI Cards Stop Working

Been using the laptop for about 3 weeks now.

I usually keep my laptop plugged into two external 1080p monitors running Windows 10. I use the option to “extend desktop” on both of these
Every day or so after I wake up the laptop only one HDMI card will be working on one or none of the monitors. This does not happen every time but it may be only when I close/open the laptop screen, I don’t quite remember.

I know the monitors start some sort of handshake by their activity light but they eventually go back into “no input” mode.

The HDMI cable I use has no impact on this issue

This is usually fixed by some combination of restarting and shuffling my cards around.

I was wondering if this is a driver issue or a hardware issue.

Any help would be appreciated

I am also having this issue on Windows 11. After a reboot or after the computer falls asleep the monitor disconnects and refuses to reconnect. I’ve tried disabling and re-enabling the HDMI card in device manager but it doesn’t fix the issue. To get it working again I have to do a full shutdown. I’ve also fixed it by removing the expansion card and swapping it to another port. Ironically, I’m having no dual monitor issues on Fedora 37 so I’m fairly certain it’s a driver issue and not a hardware issue.

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