[RESPONDED] HDMI card not working

My HDMI expansion card doesn’t seem to be working. When I plug an HDMI cable into my computer and my external monitor, the monitor says “HDMI no signal.” I have tested two different HDMI cables and both have the same problem.

My computer does seem to recognize that the expansion card exists, because “HDMI expansion card” is listed as a device. And my monitor is listed an an audio device, so I think that only the display isn’t working.

I have tried restarting my computer, removing and putting the HDMI expansion card back in, as well as switching which slot it uses. Nothing seems to work. Does anyone know what might be wrong?

I’m running Windows 11 and I got my Framework laptop in December 2022. The HDMI card has mostly been working until today, although it has occasionally been glitchy. Sometimes it won’t connect to my monitor and I have to take the card out and put it back in. Up until now, that has solved the problem, but now nothing is seeming to work.

Please contact Framework Support, and we will help.



Same problem… I have submitted a support request.

If it helps, I just had the same issue (Gen 12 received in Dec 22, running Windows 11). I re-installed the driver bundle then shut down fully and re-booted, and the issue was solved. Good luck!