Heat speader on NVMe

I know a few others have mentioned but to reiterate for folks, those that are interested in a heat spreader for the NVMe stick. It seemed like when I am taxing the NVMe, the fan ramps up to compensate so I decided to grab one of the heat spreaders mentioned on the community. [Amazon.com: M.2 Heatsink Copper, m2 pcie NVMe Laptop PS5 Heatsink Copper,with Silicone Thermal Pad, for M.2 2280 SSD Laptop : Electronics]

So far, seems to have helped quite a bit when I hit the drive hard the unit isn’t so eager to ramp up fan speed as much. I used the the thinner silica gel with the copper plate. Can’t say for sure but seems like that allows for the necessary clearance and the keyboard assembly isn’t bowing and the magnets still seat nicely when reassembling. I did not used the bands included, seemed unnecessary.



Huh. I received the same heatsink. When I actually had it in hand, the clearance didn’t seem adequate even with the 0.5mm silicone pad. I was worried it would stress the keyboard above so I returned it.

Glad it worked for you and regretting returning it now!

I haven’t had any heat issues with my onboard WD Black nVMe so far as I can tell… but since you say it will fit I have added to my Amazon wish list just in case. :call_me_hand:

Just wondering would this help in anyway with overall laptop performance & cooling?

Helps only if you’ve identified that NVMe causing some heat issues. I noticed this because I’m using Samsung Magician and determined the spreader helped a few degrees Celsius when taxing the drive.

Hello, I see it mentioned here so thought I’d ask, can anyone confirm that the 1TB or 2TB GAMMIX S70 Blade fits in and has been confirmed working in the framework laptop? I have both the 1TB and 2TB but would like to know before purchasing laptop if either will work. Thanks


I thought about the same device. In this thread [0] they say the additional height above the drive is 0.75mm. According to amazon the height of the XPG is 0.35 cm (3.5 mm). The height of the SN850 is 0.24 cm (2.4mm).
2.4 mm + 0.75 mm = 3.15 mm, which is smaller than the 3.5mm of the XPG.
Even if it would fit, I can imaging the heatspreader would more prevent the airflow instead of really help.

[0] Any room for M.2 heatsink? - #9 by reverse_thrust


Probably the Sabrent Rocket 4 could fit with a height of 0.28 cm

I did actually confirm that the heatsink at the start of this thread does fit without touching in another thread, but I forgot to connect it to this thread. Thanks to @Devast8 for the find!

Here is the thread that I posted when I put the heatsink on:

Put new thermal paste on my 1165G7 - General Topics - Framework Community



Thank you very much for the info. What nmve do you use?
Do you have any benchmarks on how hot your nvme drive gets under max load?
Sadly my SN850 goes to 85C.
So I was thinking about the SN750, but I found a benchmark [0] of it going to 80C in a big case, so 90C in the framework seams likely for me.

[0] WD Black NVME SSD (1TB) Review - SSD Operating Temperatures


I used the Samsung 980 Pro in my Framework. It never gets anywhere near to the temps you’re seeing with your WD, and I believe it is a strong contender speed-wise with the WD’s.


How did you stress-test your nvme? In normal operation mine is at ~40C, but I also use it to build e.g. AOSP.

@Simon_Brand I just did standard PCMark for benchmark. Otherwise, the most load I put on it is when I’m building and testing VMs for labs.

I just slapped a NVMe heat pad I had laying around on my SN850 the day the laptop arrived. Dunno what make, it was one that came with some caddy or somesuch.

It wedges nicely between drive and keyboard. A gentle lifting is required if I take the laptop apart to get it to release from the pad. 60C seems to be the usual load temp I get. Not seen any bulge on the keyboard from using it.

@Simon_Brand, I have the same NVMe as you… idle in the framework laptop is 32 but running an extended crystalmark can still bring it up to 70 with the heatsink on.

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That is great news, thank you very much! :slight_smile: