Help: Display Image Persistance or Integrated Graphics Issue

The entire left half of my screen is flickering with a burned in image. I have looked it up and people say “you can’t have burn in on an LCD, it’s called persistence” but I am not really sure what the difference is and if there is a fix. I have never encountered something like this before so I have no idea where to even begin diagnosing the issue. My initial thought was just “replace display” but I am not even sure if this is not a GPU issue. I have noticed with some games that I play they flicker like this but closing the game and reopening resolves it. This time, it seems to have become embedded into my screen.

Edit: I actually just rebooted and could not see the image on the boot screen anymore and it only started flickering once Windows login came up.

Any thoughts or ideas on how I can diagnose or figure out what is going on here would be of great assistance. See images below, one of the flicker with image visible and one without. The image is visible right from boot.

Windows 11
Framework 12 i5