High sleep battery usage on windows 10

Just got my Framework 16 yesterday and installed Windows 10, along with the Framework drivers (I learned now they are meant for Windows 11, but I didnt see an error at the time). I also have the latest bios from Framework

However I am now having very high power usage during sleep, where the laptop will heat up considerably on the GPU expansion. I am wondering if it could be caused by running windows 10 / driver mismatch? Or something else…

I ran a Sleep Study and got this:

I saw a post from someone on the FW13 fourm and saw that their issue was an audio drivers, however mine seems to be mainly PCIE.

In terms of IO, on the left side I have: type C, type C, type A from back to front.
On the right side I have: Type C, Empty, Type C.

The laptop was not connected to wifi, no programs were open, and nothing was connected to the IO ports.

I have LED MATRIX modules installed, but they are set blank. Im not doing anything with them at the moment

I gave up on trying to fix it, windows “modern sleep” is absolute garbage, I just set the system to hibernate instead of sleep, and ill have to deal with 10 second wake times instead.