Windows 10 sleep issues / AMD

My notebook doesn’t sleep, I was away for 3 days and as I come home even the clock was 2 days behind and battery completely drained.
Is this still an issue or I’m not aware of something? As far as I know I use latest drivers and all, with 3.03 bios.

Is there a solution to this? As far as I know over 50% of people use windows 10 rather than 11 so it’s not a niche use case, quite the opposite.

Sleep use quite a lot of power, try using hibernate and would hardly last a day let alone three.

It can be set that after a specific drop in battery charge the laptop will go to hibernate.

Search the forum there are recent topics on this.

And search : Examples

You didn’t specify AMD but you said 3.03 bios so I will assume AMD. On mine the laptop sleeps with a drain of around 1.2w or so. That was after making changes such as disabling network connection during sleep.

If hibernate wasn’t enabled and the computer was just sleeping, after 72 hours I might expect a drain of 80+WH. The battery is only 61 WH. So it would drain in 3 days. Either shutting the computer off or enabling hibernate after either X time or Y battery drain would likely be needed to prevent it draining in such circumstances.

Sorry, I searched for AMD and assumed amd subforum which doesn’t exist. Clarified in title thanks.
This is not normal at least based on any other notebooks normally. I know sleep is tricky with Windows nowadays but being on the same trip, my mom’s HP was 80% after same time. My work notebook (dell latitude) also usually doesn’t drain after closing the lid (assuming sleep, who uses hybernate nowadays?!). My previous - thinkpad p - also didn’t have this issue or not always at least.

I have searched and found nothing conclusive other then some saying ‘just use win 11’ which is clearly not a realistic option otherwise I wouldn’t have posted about it; unfortunately this late into development it still has usability features missing compared to win10, and its privacy is even worse, as hard that was to believe after win10… so I’m stuck with win10 as long as it’s being supported and mainstream, which it still is, generally speaking.

At this point I can only assume it’s bios or driver issue. Sometimes I heard loud notification beep while notebook is supposed to be sleeping so it clearly isn’t…

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Running an elevated command prompt you can use the command >powercfg /sleepstudy to estimate the power usage during sleep on battery and compare that against the HP. It should also note if it goes into hibernate.

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