Higher quality screen options?

The screen quality is the major thing preventing me from pulling the trigger on the Framework, and I have no clue when higher quality options will become available as replacement parts.

My main problem, personally, is the high response time of the display. It’s higher than the average laptop of its ilk nowadays. I’m very sensitive to ghosting and would much prefer a less blurry experience. It doesn’t even have to be a higher refresh rate (although 120hz would be quite nice), I just want it to be less blurry. It would really help with image sensitive work as well, actually. It’s just easier to edit photos and videos when your work doesn’t turn into a smear when anything on the screen moves.

But of course, other people may want higher coverage of the AdobeRGB or P3 color spaces, or higher resolution screens. Maybe ones with much higher brightness, or a matte display. The screen is one of the most important components of a laptop, and can make or break the entire thing for many people who require certain specs for their line of work or even just hobbies. The entire rest of the laptop could be exactly what they wanted, especially with framework and all the modular parts, but the screen alone could make the purchase unacceptable. Can we expect more options to choose from in the future?

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I’m pretty confident that there will be screen replacement options in the future, from 3rd parties if not by framework themselves, simply because it ties into their vision of creating an upgrade path. Personally, I’m excited about upgrading to something like this Are you a human? and selling my current panel to offset the cost, whenever it becomes available in a 3:2 aspect ratio, though external monitors are also a solid solution for the time being.

Also, after playing around with my framework for a bit, the ghosting is definitely noticible in tests like TestUFO: Ghosting but it’s less pronounced in day-to-day uses, Even gaming isn’t that bad, since even the i5 model pushes solid frames in the games I play (mostly Valorant atm).