How do I connect to my WiFi?

I just received my Framework and installed Linux Mint but I can’t see how to connect to my home WiFi. The little network icon at the bottom has a little x and if I open it up there are Network Settings and Network Connections with lots of choices. I select WiFi but I see no WiFi icon. This was a DIY unit and had the WiFi card already installed. Is the WiFi card possibly bad?

What am I missing?
EDIT: All seems to be well now. I rebooted and it found my WiFi when it started up again. No need to respond now I guess.

Might be wrong , but you may have the same problem as I do. Sometimes wifi is up, sometimes no wifi.
Fedora 36 on my end, but was the same with pop Os 22.04. As it is only my secondary OS, haven’t have time look into it.
Test it on multiple days, haven’t figured it out how to trigger malfunction of the wifi. But I do think it is driver related :thinking:

I seem to be OK now. Mine was a brand new setup and the reboot fixed WiFi. That doesn’t sound like your situation.

Hi @Tom_Husband Should you run into any issues going forward, I am happy to help. :slight_smile: