How do you wrap or coil the power cord?

I’m switching to the framework laptop after 16 years of Apple laptops. One thing I’ve gotten used to is coiling the MacBook Pro power cable into a nice and tidy little package that can slip into my backpack.

While the framework power adapter is smaller (wow!) it doesn’t seem to lend itself to coiling the wiring in a tidy way.

Does anyone have tips or tricks? Bonus points if it’s quick and the end product is “flat” or “disk shaped” so that it can slip into a pocket nicely.

If not, I’m considering 3D printing something to ease the transition.


This one from Dell is nice:

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Seeing as the usb-c cable, the power cable, and the little brick itself are all separate, it would be very easy to just coil the two wires together and then just use a rubber band to hold them to the brick, my batch five laptop arrives very soon, and that’s probably what I’ll end up doing
That should come out as some kind of small cube or blob shape, if it does work


And you might not even need to do that, from the official thread about the power adapter “Both cables come with velcro wraps too.”, so it would be considerably easy to make them into a coil and a brick, then maybe the velcro would fit it together, or you’d just have 2 little pieces in your bag


Here’s a 3D printable piece that makes it a bit easier to wrap around:

powerwrap.scad (3.0 KB)
powerwrap.stl (61.2 KB)


I have to wrap all mine in split loom (corrugated plastic or nylon wire sheathes) to protect from my electric spaghetti loving cat which makes neat wrapping impossible.

Learn to live with the mess :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha, this is perhaps the most Zen answer to my perplexing problem!