How Far Does The Screen Go Back?

Hi. I was wondering how far the screen can go back safely on the Framework Laptop 16 with and without the expansion bay GPU module.

155 degrees.



Oh, okay, thank you for letting me know. I wasn’t expecting nor do I need a 180 degree hinge anyway!

If anyone really needs it to do a full 360 I’m certain someone can come up with a design and sell it. a full 360 though is kind of useless till they come out with a touch screen version of their screen.

at this point if you need 360 im sure what you need is a tablet with a keyboard, for example Samsung with it’s Dex desktop Os lol.

Or you could get the StarLabs StarLite 5, which is a Linux tablet, albeit the CPU is pretty weak, RAM is soldered (although it is 16 GB standard), and Wi-Fi is not even Wi-Fi 6 (it’s Wi-Fi 5), but afaik it’s the only Linux-first option (the Purism alternative, the only alternative, is from a shady company) for a tablet. Oh, and the StarLabs laptops all have Coreboot.

i was thinking more like the HP envy 360 or Lenovo Yoga

I’m not sure if 155 degrees refers to how far the hinge can open or if it refers to how far it can open while still being stiff enough to stay in place.

On the Framework 13 the hinge can rotate 180 degrees, however when past 155 degrees the hinge is not stiff enough and gravity can cause the screen to fall to 180 degrees. (Ie. If opened to 160 degrees gravity will pull it to 180 degrees) So Framework advertises the Framework 13 as having a 155 degree hinge.

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FW13 has 180 degree hinges advertised.

Capable of folding flat to 180 degrees, 3.3 kg hinges enable one-hand-opening while holding the lid angle across the full range.

On the FW16, the hinges sit above the fans. You either need some crazy hinges to bend arround the expansion bay, or a redesign of the expansion bay and chassis to fit standard™ 360 hinges.

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